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A local service is a business that serves a local geographical area. For example, dentists, lawn care, roofing, home repair are all local services because they serve clients who are within a certain radius of their city or neighborhood.

This is a tutorial for how to market and promote a local service business. There are a number of ways to market a local service business. The first is to market it through your website and SEO. If you do not have a website, here is a tutorial for how to create your own website on your own:

A website is very important for a local business because potential clients usually want to take a look at your website to do some research about your business.

Another way to promote a local business is to add it to GooglePlaces which will add your business into the local map business listings that come up in search results.

Next things to do in your marketing efforts is to add your business listing to local service sites like Yelp, AngiesList and RedBeacon. Those sites are big in themselves and their listings often come up in Google search results. That way your listings may appear in multiple spots in Google’s top-10 list.

Another way to promote a local service is by referrals. You can do local service marketing by both: customer referrals and professional referrals.

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