As we all know, delivering a father of the groom speech is hard enough, but delivering a funny father of the groom speech? Well, that is quite a job! All of us are not blessed with the gift of a sense of humor, nor can all of us boast of great public speaking skills.

But it is your the wedding of your son and an impressive and funny father of the groom speech is a must for making the day even more special. Well, there is nothing to worry about as there is plenty of help at hand. Here are a few tips which will surely help you.

Tips on writing funny father of the groom speech

  • The best way to add humor to your speech is to open with a funny quotation at the very beginning.
  • This will relax the guests as well as you, will set the funny tone of your speech and will get the ball rolling.
  • Deliver your punch lines at appropriate moments so that they make the right impact.
  • Pause on the punch lines to let the audience grasp and sink in your jokes. If you rush too much they will miss the fun
  • You have to learn to choose the right subject, right jokes, right one liners and right toasts to make the speech funny and appropriate.
  • The speech has to be hilarious, it has to keep the audience in splits but at the same time it should be classy.
  • Please avoid cheap jokes at all costs along with toilet humor. It just is not cool!
  • It is a great idea to take help from well-written father of the groom speech samples
  • The speech samples give you the right inspiration and also fill you in with lots of ideas you can use. The speech samples also give you the right words to express these ideas
  • Following the speech samples will also give you an idea of the theme, structure and overall flow of your speech.


Source by Tom D William